Meet Trish Murtha

“Perennial Dance” is a perfect name for the vivid, whimsical watercolor on the cover of this notebook—one design in a series from Trish Murtha—Artist, Teacher, Endeavorista! More than a “blank book” for anyone who loves a garden, the pages are scattered with a few quotes and botanical sketches to color!

All of Trish’s artwork is inspired by her “life so far”—roaming harbors and small towns in New England, country roads adorned with autumn foliage and radiant wildflowers. The oldest child in a busy family, the pond at the end of the yard was Trish’s respite, gliding through lily pads in a small rowboat or in wintertime, strapping on skates to skim across the ice under a winter moon. “To everything there is a season” was the reality of a young girl who learned that the unexpected was expected and that impending change is a bridge in time to something new.

After earning an English degree, Trish worked in publishing and design, hitchhiked on a grand adventure through Scandinavia and explored art museums and galleries. She taught herself calligraphy and added illustrations using a child’s paint set. Finally, synchronicity led Trish to a local art center, and to watercolor teachers who helped her reconnect to that fearless young girl who sought respite near the water. The interaction of color and fluid unpredictability matched her innate serendipity—and Voila!

Trish has since created countless paintings and sketches from memory and plein air studies, always seeking new vistas. Windswept pines and ocean waves emerge from her work, rocks tumble in creeks and riverbeds, flowers “dance” on the paper. She
frequently paints small boats with oars at the ready . . . and the winter moon. Her paintings grace hundreds of note cards and annual calendars and have been sold and published from coast to coast and overseas.

Content to be a “migratory species”, Trish splits her time between art-making and teaching near her Colorado family, then packs her paints for jaunts home to New England to be among grandkids and boats. On a whim, she’ll pause to paint or write her “blog” in between teaching classes in museum schools, inner cities, outer harbors, or public gardens. A 20-year following of students benefit from Trish’s spirited teaching style and seem to learn more than expected about painting and about “seeing” life in creative, unexpected ways.

Endeavorista! notebooks are the latest products from Trish’s studio. To stay in touch with her musings, paintings and classes or perhaps to invite this gypsy to teach a creative workshop near you, here are a few links:

Facebook: TrishMurthaDesigns

Perennial Dance
Journal, Sketchbook, Garden or Travel Notebook
Trish Murtha
$9.99 – Paperbound, 200 pages
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• “Perennial Dance” watercolor from popular artist and teacher, Trish Murtha.
• Vivid blossoms of poppy with bright yellow, blue, purple and greenery brightened by days in the garden and the seasons of life.

An Endeavorista! First Edition.

• Monarch Butterfly soars above bright Poppies, Asters, Black-Eyed Susan.
• Impressionistic print wraps front & back covers.
• Lightly lined pages scattered with inspiring quotes.
• Plus 12 original images for coloring!
• Plenty of space for writing, planning, travel notes, sketching.