Meet Lynette Chilcoat

Lynette Chilcoat is a Colorado native originally from Denver, who has since lived in many locales throughout the state, thus giving her distinctive insight into the nuances of the native Colorado mindset.

A freelance writer, she has written for Trailer Life, Colorado Life, Style, NoCo Wellness, Rocky Mountain Spirit, Bella Spark and Regenerate magazines, as well as contributing regular features to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, Johnstown Breeze and Durango Telegraph newspapers.

She lives with her husband in Loveland, Colorado.

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Chill Out Guide to Colorado
Tips from a Native
Lynette Chilcoat
$9.99 – Paperbound, 64 pages

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Outdoor Adventure. Awesome Scenery. A Casual Vibe.

Whether you are coming to visit Colorado, relocate or already live here, Chill Out Guide to Colorado: Tips from a Native offers an easy, fun way to navigate the state’s many attributes.

Best known for majestic mountains and champagne powder, Colorado is a playground for nature enthusiasts. Yet there is so much more to do and see.

Get the insider’s scoop delivered as vital facts, intriguing lists, personal stories, and even a delicious traditional recipe.

As a native, Lynette Chilcoat shares pointers so the reader can fully enjoy the unforgettable Colorado experience, as if they, too, were born here. A fan of leisure pastimes, the author likes to camp, lake kayak, hike and snowshoe, or simply chill out with a craft brew in hand. Drawing from these statewide experiences, it is with wry wit she entertains and informs while lending practical advice.

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