Meet Kathy Keeler

Kathy Keeler received her Ph.D. in genetics from the University of California, Berkeley. She was a professor of biology (plant ecology) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 31 years. From the early 1990s she conducted ecological research on plants of Colorado foothills
ecosystems and in 2006 moved to northern Colorado.

She became A Wandering Botanist in 2013 because she felt that stories like those in this book needed to be more widely shared. Today she writes and speaks about the curious botany, fascinating history and strange folklore of plants.

NoCo Notables: 15 Wild Northern Colorado Plants Worth Knowing
Kathy Keeler
$19.99 – Paperbound, 116 pages
$9.99 – Kindle
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Most plant books just teach you the plant’s name. This book gives you stories to tell—botany, folklore and uses. Nearby plants can be truly remarkable. Our common and conspicuous plants are sources of weaving materials or edible fruit or rubber.

Did you know?
• Buffalo grass feeds buffalo or cows year round.
• Deathcamas is so poisonous most bees won’t visit it.
• Yucca’s fibrous leaves and stiff points can be used as a needle and thread.

These and more are the stories of 15 of the most visible plants of Northern Colorado, told in this book.