Meet C.S. Bernhardt

Connie Bernhardt is the author of The Realm of the Two Moon Series. Her first book Finding Home introduced us to her character Finn and his Fox. The adventures continue with the second in the series is The Lost Boy and the third Dragon Rangers. 

Connie enjoys keeping her readers in suspense awaiting the next adventures of Finn and Fox. She enjoys living in Loveland, Colorado.


Dragon Rangers
Third in The Realm of The Two Moons Series
C. S. Bernhardt
$15.99 – Paperbound,
518 pages
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In Dragon Rangers Finn has healed from his injuries received after his father dropped him out of the castle window. Now he is ready to get back on Beahgolden his dragon and fly again. Especially now that King DaVid has asked his aunt Saren to lead a new group called the Dragon Rangers and he can be a part of it. Although Beahgolden, Airrayh, and himself would not be allowed to go into a real battle, they would be allowed to train.

Before the team is fully set up Finn and Beahgolden, are out flying when they are attacked by ogres. Dragons and ogres are attacking the castle and dwarves are asking for help to stop from being destroyed by ogres. The Dragon Rangers are going to have their hands full.

The Lost Boy
Second in The Realm of The Two Moons Series
C.S. Bernhardt
$14.99 – Paperbound,
326 pages
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Finn had grown up in the human world thinking he was human, just like everyone else. Only he wasn’t like everyone else. Turns out he’s an elf, his mother had lied to him. But why? Was she really trying to protect him from something? And if so, what? Would he ever have the answers he wanted? All he knew for sure was he had found a family who loved him and a new best friend, a fox. And now he was learning magic.

But his life was about to change once again. The ogres were getting stronger every day. Hundreds were camped just outside the magical barrier Saren had put up to keep the village safe. As Saren, Cassi, and Bo set out to find a new home for their village. Finn and Fox set out to find dragons.

Finding Home
First in The Realm of The Two Moons Series
C.S. Bernhardt
$13.99 – Paperbound,
300 pages
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He and his friend ran from a bad environment into a deadly one. Would the elves be able to help them? Or will the ogres destroy everything and everyone first?

Finn and his friend were in trouble. Big trouble! Running to the forest they loved for protection, they unwittingly cross through an ancient barrier into a magical realm. Things just became much more deadly. Poachers as bad as any ogre. Shots ring out, will they survive?

Cassi the elf, befriends Finn. But will she be able to help him? She has problems of her own, like a Dead or Alive bounty on her head. With people seriously going after it!

Sarenda, a more powerful elf than anyone imagined. Her magic will be called on to help save them all.

Finn joins Cassi and Sarenda in their fight for life against the ogres. Can they stop them? Or is it too late for Finn and his friends?

‘Finding Home’ is the first book in the ‘Realm of the Two Moon’ series. A fantasy for all ages.

If you love magic, elves, ogres, action and plot twist, you’ll love C. S. Bernhardt’s new series.

Experience, ‘Finding Home’, today.