Located in Northern Colorado, surrounded by art, nature, and science, we don’t have to look far for inspiration. It is all around us. So at What If? Publishing we don’t do cookie cutter, sign the huge contract, get in and out the door ASAP, follow the process and timeline, type of publishing. What we do is one of a kind, craft, person-to-person, as long as it takes to get it right, tell the story publishing.

Our genre? We don’t want one. What we do want are people and projects with a story to tell. Our passion is in developing the story, encasing it in beautiful interior page designs and surrounding it with eye catching beautiful cover designs.

Our skills? Unintended serendipity. Pure alchemy.

Liz Mrofka, a creative, an inventor, patent holder, problem solver, dreamer and design impresario, has over twenty years publishing experience with numerous award winning books to her credit.  Her motto “ Have you ever thought about …”

Robin Shukle, a lifelong bibliophile, has over thirty years experience in business development. Her motto “Hope is not a business strategy.”

Barbara Teel, is our unsung heroine. An Editor and Fact Checker extraordinaire who makes sure that our books are published as close to perfect as possible, with no errors or inconsistencies. She makes us all look good and we are grateful.